TOP 8 reasons why your customers need energy monitoring in 2021

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Reducing recurring costs is becoming a priority for most businesses in today’s competitive environment. EMIS Solutions come in handy to support business owners reduce energy costs. With Sustainability and Digital Transformation being a rising topic in all corporate strategies, Energy Management Information Systems make the business case more attractive today.

Increased visibility & transparency into how a building is consuming energy and other resources

Monitoring and analysis is key to evaluating and discovering trends and inefficient behaviors and forms the basis for which to make data-driven decisions about saving actions.

Granular insight into area, process or appliance specific performance

Get insight into which set of appliances, piece of equipment, process, activity or behaviors is the source of the greatest inefficiency and cost to better target & prioritize energy conservation measures.

Evaluate the impact of environmental/operational factors on energy and other resource consumption

Many factors can play a role in the way that energy and other resources are consumed in a building. It is therefore important to analyze the impact of environmental or operational variables that could affect usage patterns e.g. occupancy, production, outside temperature etc.

Reduce operational and maintenance costs & lowered capital investments in equipment

Monitoring and analytics can assist in identifying potential issues with building equipment and facilities i.e. abnormal energy spikes, irregularities in consumption or offline equipment, warranting further investigation to remedy potential faults to avoid large capital investments, costly repairs and disruptions to operations.

Evaluate the efficacy of energy conservation measures to produce desired savings

Whether it’s trialing a new energy efficient technology, or retrofit or modification of behavior or operational schedules, proving that a proposed saving action can produce the desired energy and/or cost savings, is crucial to avoid investment of time, effort and money into a project that will yield little to no results.

Monitor the impact of business/buildings operations on the environment & its occupants

With the increasing concerns and mandatory reporting of CO2 and other GHG gas emissions, transparency of the impact that building/business operations have on the environment is important for regulatory energy compliance, stakeholder relations as well as business longevity. Furthermore, COVID 19 has necessitated an increased focus on occupant health and safety, requiring that building owners prioritize indoor health factors & variables, such as air quality, temperature and occupancy.

Encourage energy-saving behaviors through dynamic visuals and displays

It can be difficult to get building occupants, staff and employees engaged in energy-saving programs by distributing data sheets & reports that don’t inspire action or modifications in behavior to save energy. Using our energy monitoring dashboard to create dynamic visualizations can be an effective tool to engage occupants in saving energy.

Increase property value

The role of energy efficiency and strategic energy management software shouldn’t be underestimated by building owners/managers. Well-maintained, efficient facilities not only assist in reduced maintenance and operational costs, but can form part of a wider, holistic strategy to improve efficiencies across operations and improve sustainability. High-performing, green, buildings that prioritize tenant comfort, health and well beings such as those recognized by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), WELL and other building standards bodies have the potential to attract new occupants and can fetch higher lease and sale prices.


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