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Connecting Standalone VFDs with arkEMIS Using Our Gateway

Client Overcomes Integration Challenges to Integrate standalone VFDs

Background Story

In the world of building automation, retrofit projects can be both exciting and challenging. The promise of enhanced efficiency and control is tantalizing, but the reality of integrating new components with existing systems can be daunting. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a Client who faced precisely this challenge.

Our Client, had undertaken a retrofit project involving the installation of new Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on their Fresh Air Handling Units (FAHUs). While the project promised substantial benefits in terms of energy efficiency and control, it presented a unique conundrum: Our Client had two separate systems in place, a Building Management System (BMS) and a Chiller Plant Management (CPM) system, and both were secured and inaccessible for direct integration with the new VFDs.

The Dilemma

The challenge was clear: how could our Client effectively monitor their new VFDs while keeping both the BMS and CPM systems operational? A solution was required to bridge the gap between these distinct systems and ensure seamless coordination. That’s where our expertise came into play.

The Solution

Our team offered a solution that leveraged the power of our Universal Gateway, equipped with the BACnet and Modbus Protocols, to connect these disparate systems. Here’s how we achieved it:

  1. Universal Gateway Integration:

Our Universal Gateway is a versatile tool, with its BACnet and Modbus Protocols capabilities. It served as the bridge that allowed for communication between the secured BMS and CPM systems and the external devices, including the VFDs

  1. Standalone Meter Support:

Recognizing that the VFDs were not directly compatible with the BMS and CPM systems, we utilized our gateway’s ability to connect to standalone meters using compatible Modbus communication protocol. This adaptability ensured that the VFDs could be integrated into the overall monitoring and control framework

  1. Client Support:

We provided comprehensive support and guidance to our Client throughout the process. Detailed instructions were offered on how to establish connections between the VFDs, the standalone meters, and the Universal Gateway. This ensured that the Client had the knowledge and tools required to navigate the integration successfully

Figure 01

Connecting all Existing Systems including standalone meters to One Platform

The Outcome

The successful integration of the VFDs into the Universal Gateway brought a host of benefits to  our Client:

Unified Monitoring: With the integration in place, the Client can now monitor and manage the BMS, CPM, and VFDs from a single interface. This unified approach streamlined the Client’s operations

Streamlined Operation: Our Client can now make informed decisions and maintain control over their FAHUs and overall building systems without the need for separate, isolated monitoring tools. This enhanced efficiency and simplified the operation of their systems

Efficiency: The ability to connect all these systems on the same site within arkEMIS allowed for improved operational efficiency and a more holistic approach to facility management


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