Use Cases

Enhancing Building Automation with Direct VFD Integration

Integrating Standalone VFDs with arkEMIS Using Our Gateway


This use case describes how our platform, arkEMIS, successfully integrated Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) that were not initially connected to any Building Management System (BMS). With the help of our gateway, we achieved seamless connectivity and integration.

Initial Challenge - VFD Integration

We aimed to connect VFDs to our platform, arkEMIS however they were not initially connected to a BMS and this and this lack of direct communication between VFDs and any BMS, required an alternative solution.

Gateway Solution - Direct Meter Integration

By leveraging our gateway, which can directly connect to meters without the need for a BMS, we establish a bridge that enables direct connections with standalone VFDs, eliminating the dependency on a BMS.

Integration Process

VFDs were connected in series using RS-485 communication, and we applied the necessary configuration settings to ensure smooth data transfer. These VFDs were seamlessly linked to our gateway, which is directly integrated with our platform, arkEMIS.

Successful Integration

The successful integration of VFDs into our platform, arkEMIS, significantly enhanced overall system functionality, resulting in better monitoring of VFDs, ultimately improving system performance and efficiency.


This use case demonstrates how our platform, with the assistance of our gateway, effectively connected VFDs that were not part of any BMS, contributing to a more comprehensive and integrated system.


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